Wendy Summers Appearing at Divine Decadence

LOS ANGELES TS performer Wendy Summers will be a featured guest at the inaugural Twisted World: Divine Decadence event, April 26-28 in Somerset, N.J.

Twisted World: Divine Decadence is an avante grade, sex-positive festival that spans three days of celebration. Summers will be performing Watermellon Sodomy, a simulated sex show, on the outdoor stage, April 27 at noon.

Fans will also have a fan photo opportunity with Summers later in the weekend.

"I was thrilled to be invited to the debauchery of Divine Decadence;" she said. "Their festive, geeky, sex-positive environment jives well with my body of work. Besides, when someone asks you to fuck a watermelon in front of a live crowd  how can you say no?"

More information can be found on the event's website here.

Fan photo opportunity is 3 p.m. Saturday 27.

For more information, click here.