Interactive Sex Videos Infographic Released

Bob Johnson

TORONTO — Sex Games Report in conjunction with The Virtual Sex Review (TVSR) has released an infographic on the history and future of interactive sex videos.

The companies said the data is targeted at consumers and was compiled from the Internet Adult Film Database, surveys, product reviews performed by TVSR and statistics from adult video retailers.

"From 1999 through 2007 interactive sex DVDs were great sellers," Ed, TVSR managing director said. "Unfortunately for the genre, the competition to produce higher quality content dramatically increased production costs in 2007. That along with the introduction of free 'tube' sites, popularization of the much cheaper to produce POV format and the U.S. economic crisis meant all but the end for the once popular format."

Sex Games Report analyzed data various sources to produce the infographic that shows the rise and fall of the interactive sex format and covers key statistics and facts about the genre.

The infographic also explains why the format may be set for resurgence pointing to a number of value added offerings such as toys, online VOD services and games.

 Sex Games Report is a media company established in 2010 that reports news for interactive sex games and related products. The Virtual Sex Review was established in 2007 and writes reviews for adult games, interactive adult products and sex toys.

The infographic can be found at Sex Games Report  and at The Virtual Sex Review.