Jet Set Men Releases 'Waxed'

BURBANK Jet Set Men has released "Waxed," which includes Jake Genesis and Landon Conrad in their first Jet Set Men film.

The company said that "Waxed" features a cast of 11 of the most prevalent muscle jocks in the gay porn industry.

The film stars three Jet Set Men exclusives including Brett Summers, Kris Jamieson and Zachary Perry.

All three Jet Set Men exclusives have rendered high praise from various website outlets for their performances.

"Waxed" is set in a testosterone-filled car detailed shop.

The shop owners, played by Jake Genesis and Riley Banks, have one problem … money. They decide to hustle the perfect plan to stay in business. Their solution is to use their best assets and tools and serve up their own kind of personal customer service.

The title features three sex service encounters and then climaxes with a five-man orgy.

Genesis dominates the new crew of wax boys Zachary Perry, Seth Knight, Joey Hard and Jack King.

"Waxed" is distributed by Jet Set Sales and is now available on DVD, download-to-own and pay-per-view on JetSetMen.TV.

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