BaDoink's Entire Team Making Trip to Phoenix Forum

Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — BaDoink’s entire North American team is making the trip to Arizona for The Phoenix Forum next week, and the company as a whole is pleased to announce the myriad events and activities it is sponsoring.

A Premium and Pride Sponsor, BaDoink representatives will be operating from its poolside cabana. CMO Terron and Marketing Manager Sarah encourage all attendees to drop by for a break from the sun, some conversation and beer from a keg they’ll have on-hand.

“We’re all looking forward to cementing relationships, making deals, meeting new people and talking with old friends,” said Terron.

BaDoink is also a sponsor of the JuicyAds/YNOT Grand Prix and a Table Sponsor at the Meet Market.

Thanks to the BaDoink team, the Beer Pong Tournament returns to Phoenix this year, and attendees are encouraged to register here. The game, which is an amalgam of table tennis and binge drinking, requires teams of two people. The spoils of victory include some pretty fabulous prizes, and all participants are guaranteed a bellyful of free beer.

“It’s been a great year for the company,” said Sarah. “We’re really excited to have some face time with the partners, clients and friends who’ve been integral to our success.”

BaDoink has noted numerous gains in the past year. For the first time in the company’s history it has begun producing exclusive content under the moniker BaDoink HD Studio.

The company’s BaDoink Video Downloader is today among the most downloaded apps in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market.

As well, the company has just unveiled its ‘Channel Strategy’, which is already providing companies that leverage exclusive content with the means to monetize their videos within the BaDoink ecosystem without diluting their own marketing efforts.

Offered CEO Todd Glider, the sole representative from the European office: “TPF is the North American show. And this will be my first time in attendance. It’ll be a blast.”

To contact the BaDoink team and set up a meeting in advance, email