PHS International Brings Affordable Leather Luxury to U.S. Adult Retail Market

PHOENIX  PHS International said it is bringing affordable luxury to the bondage market with quality crafted products featuring details, hand-finishing and fashion-inspired accents.

The company said that this attention to detail puts PHS at the forefront of design, creating high-quality pieces with affordability as its focus to bring sensual BDSM gear for shoppers of all sexual lifestyles.

PHS International cuffs, blindfolds and other bondage apparel are made with hand-finished edges, double-stitched reinforcement, and leather or suede lining.

The PHS design team said it follows fashion trends while creating leather BDSM gear in colors and styles that are as approachable as they are effective.

“We are inspired by fashion and want our leather goods to look like fine belts or shoes but at a price point that welcomes consumers of all levels,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Our leather artisan is very picky about his work and welcomes our trend-focused input when creating some of our more style-conscious products.”

The result is a series of leather cuffs, restraints, blindfolds, floggers, paddles, collars, leashes and more made for consumers who pay attention to detail and design aesthetic as much as the price tag," the company said.

The leather wear is available in the M2M male couples collection, Heart2Heart (H2H) romantic couples line and in vegan biothane versions for Fresh! colorful vegan-friendly gear.

“We like to add colors and combinations that help make bondage products more approachable and brighten up their kinky stigma,” Harnish said. “For example, during the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ craze we decided not to jump on the traditional bandwagon and instead produced a sophisticated two-toned grey line of double-stitched double-leather cuffs, collars and matching accessories. It was a stylish homage to the erotic trilogy without getting lost in the sea of grey.”

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