Give Lube Seeks Nomination for Best Consumable Award

GLOUCESTER, U.K. Give Lube is seeking a nomination for the Best Consumable category at the ETO Awards.

The company is up against ID Glide, which has won the award seven years running.

Give Lube, a newcomer to the market, was nominated at the XBIZ Awards for International-Based Pleasure Products Company of the Year.

According to the compay, Give Lube has developed a strong following, including several top U.K. bloggers and journalists.

The company said the Give Lube brand has more depth and embraces the values of consistency.

Nigel Powell, MD of Give Lube, said, "To have good sex that both partners enjoy, you have to find the right kind of lubrication. Give Lube provides just that, ensuring that giving and receiving is enjoyed in equal measure and that both lovers can appreciate the ultimate experience of intimate relations."

Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel uses high-quality skin kind ingredients to create a CE marked, long lasting, glycerin-free, paraben-free, medical grade lubricant that is safe for body and skin, the company said.