Coco Brown Interviews With US News

LOS ANGELES  CoCo Brown recently sat down with for an in-depth interview about her plans to become the first adult actress in space.

A former adult star, Brown has appeared on television, film and launched her own music career, working alongside hip hop talents such as Wu Tang Clan.

In the interview, she tells US News whether she'll consider returning to the adult industry after her space mission and reveals her worries about flying into orbit.

"I haven't done a movie since 2003, so when I decided to do this, the thought of performing in space didn't even cross my mind," she said. "I have nothing against performing and would do it if the right offer came along. But now, my job is to train to be an astronaut."

Her next training mission is in March, which will take place in Holland aboard an L-39 Albatros fighterjet.

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