Victoria Givens Launches Play Date Contest

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  Victoria Givens announces the first of a series of contests in conjunction with Victoria'

“I’ve met and made friends with so many people with adult friend finder, it just seems to be a perfect fit,” Givens said.

Givens has a history of offering various other contests such as Driving Miss Victoria, a contest where fans picked her up at the airport and transported her to her hotel, and the Sex, Dinner and a Movie contest.

“I’ve always felt that without fans, there would be no one to entertain,” Givens said. “I’m really looking forward to making some more great friends with the play date contest.”

The Play Date contest differs from her previous contests. This time she is allowing winners to wear disguises on the date.

“Oh, I have my share of fantasies,” she said. “Having sex in disguise is a major turn on for me.”

Also this time around, she will be traveling to where the winner(s) are in the U.S.

Fans can visit here, create a profile and then send her a message.

“I review every profile of those that send me messages,” Givens said. “Obviously the more complete a profile and the better the pictures, the easier it is to decide.”

The Play Date contest is a Victoria Givens promotion.

For more information, contact