Alexander Institute Releases 'Great Sex Getaway'

LOS ANGELES The Alexander Institute, producer of explicit DVD series for couples, has released "Great Sex Getaway."

On this erotic weekend adventure for couples, Dr. Patti Britton helps three couples break their relationship monotony.

"Great Sex Getaway" is described as exploring explicit ways to awaken the animal spirit, investigate dominance and submission and use foreplay as the gateway to sexual ecstasy.

The couples learn how to make sexual sharing with their partner a #1 priority again. New sexual techniques for promoting variety, pushing the envelope, and freeing the sensual self help them rekindle their sparks for each other.

Sex therapists, educators and authors helped develop the series.

Each DVD in the series contains English, Spanish, French and German audio and menus.

For more information contact or call (818) 508-1296.