The Eurocreme Group Launches Sexual Health Clinic

LONDON The Eurocreme Group has announced that it has teamed up with its local sexual health clinic to launch a collaboration between an active group of porn studios and a NHS trust.

Events manager Lee Redpath said, “Having a steady flow of sexually active people coming through our doors is normal practice here. What we are aiming to do is to bring better awareness of sexual health whilst still enjoying exploring yourself. The catchphrase we came up with is Sex, Fun and Safe."

With self produced information booklets and an in-house clinic, the group said it is aiming to make the idea of a sexual health check up a less daunting experience.

56 Dean Street nurse Michael Underwood said, "We are proud to be a part of the innovative Eurocreme clinic which encourages gay porn actors to have regular sexual health screenings in a safe environment at the studio clinic, remembering that sex should be fun and safe.”

For more information on the Eurocreme Group clinic contact