Gamelink Celebrates 20 Years

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — is celebrating 20 years in business with a full year of giveaways, online events, and special promotions. Internet solutions provider eLine, celebrating 20 years of helping companies grow into the future, is becoming a go-to in the adult industry for its innovative strides in secure implementation of everything technology-related, including IT system-building, e-commerce and VoD/PPV platforms.

For years the adult industry has been ahead of the curve in technology expansion, continuously experimenting with clever new ways to bring content to its horny customers, and eLine’s developers have had plenty to do with that, creating rich content delivery to not only adult companies like GameLink and Good Vibrations but to mainstream firms such as CBS MarketWatch, IDG Books Worldwide and AT&T’s Hometown Network.

eline’s VP of Business Development Jeff Dillon considers eLine his company’s secret weapon. “eLine does it all: our content is delivered securely, seamlessly… no matter what platform, what device, doesn’t matter. eLine has us covered,” Dillon said.

The small, privately-owned company keeps its talent in-house for fast, trouble-free solutions for clients who think big but need a system they can understand and use easily and effectively. eLine also employs ATG systems for its e-commerce solutions, generating faster customer checkout for more successful sales transactions.

“If adult companies are looking for the best ways to grow online, they should know what we at GameLink have known for years,” Dillon added. “eLine handles our content delivery, transactions and webcam chats effortlessly without crashing or security breaches so I can get on with my job without worrying about it.

“20 Years? Let’s add at least another 20 more!”