BS Is Nice Enters Australian Market

ADELAIDE, Australia Madrid-based BS Is Nice has partnered with Two Ducks to bring its line of hand-made dildos to Australia.

Beatriz Higón and Sabela Dopazo, the women behind BS Is Nice, have been involved in artist collectives since 2001.

“We think about pleasure for men, women, transexuals, heterosexuals, gays, lesbians or bisexuals and people of all ages,” Higón said. “All of our toys come with safe sex recommendations, intended for people who are aware, informed, and looking for enjoyment, whatever their sexual orientation and erotic activity.”

The company said it has created an elegant, synthetic brand, which broadens the area of erotic toys and their end-use; the stimulation of erogenous zones.

“We’re delighted to be adding this uniquely visual range of dildos to our existing offerings,” said Neil Duckett of Two Ducks. “Partnering with BS Is Nice to launch their product in Australia is a fantastic opportunity for us both.”

BS Is Nice sales manager Raquel Traba said, “We're so excited, after all we're a little company and every single piece has been done with our hands, so it's so emotional that BS toys travel to Australia's homes.”

The hand-made collection is available starting in March.

To order or for further information, email