Cupid Boutique Reports Increase in Male, Female Enhancement Products

TORONTO — Cupid Boutique says that it has seen an increase in the purchases of male and female sex enhancement products.

“For women looking for a new thrill, Sexciting Cream offers a wild and tingling sensation that you just can’t pass up,” the company said. “This stimulating cream arouses sexual pleasure in women and aides in prolonging desire. Used with or without a partner, Sexciting Cream heightens sexual pleasure and produces stronger more extended orgasms. A liberal amount applied to the clitoris will awaken your sexual desire in ways you didn’t know were possible. Sexciting Cream is by and large one of the most popular and highly sought after products for female enhancement on the market. Sexciting Cream for female enhancement is condom safe.

“For male enhancement, Rock Hard Power Cream is an odorless and tasteless erection formula that helps maintain firm erections, keeping you harder longer. The active ingredient Benzocaine is fast acting and long lasting, meaning you’re at attention longer than ever before. Rock Hard Power Cream for male enhancement can be used with a partner or for solo play and is condom safe.”

Cupid Boutique Sex Shop carries Sexciting Cream for female enhancement in one-ounce bottles and Rock Hard Power Cream for male enhancement in  half-ounce travel tubes and four ounce tubes, along with a wide assortment of other potions and lotions and brand name sex toys and accessories.