EurocremeGroup Releases 'World of Men-London'

LONDON —  EurocremeGroup releases "World of Men-London."

The company said that "World of Men-London" encapsulates the eternal traveller with the insatiable man, following director Jack Jones around the world as he visits European countries and cities.

"World of Men" stars Anthony Clarke, Michel Rudin, Dominic Pacifico, Sam Barclay, Jack Pierson, Riley Coxx, Ashley Ryder and Billy Baval.

"With all the sights and debauchery in London, any adventurous soul won’t find it too difficult to find something or someone to do," the company said.

Available on DVD from Clone Zone, Soho Books and others in the U.K., the title is distributed by Bruno Gmunder in Europe and Pulse in the U.S. and Canada.

It's available in HD and SD downloads from

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