James Deen to Speak at Pasadena City College

PASADENA, Calif.  James Deen will speak at Pasadena City College this Wednesday, Feb. 27, as part of Dr. Hugo Schwyzer's course, Navigating Pornography.

The event at Deen’s alma mater is open to the public and media.

"I'm always happy to be supportive of the adult industry, and I’m stoked to return to PCC," Deen said. "I attended Pasadena City College, so this is a homecoming. It's going to be fun seeing a class from the other side of the room.”

The class is part of Dr. Schwyzer's academic interest in history and gender studies. He has taught at Pasadena City College since 1993, in courses dealing with women’s history, men and masculinity, and gay and lesbian history. In the late 1990s, Dr. Schwyzer developed the college’s first interdisciplinary course focusing on Beauty and the Body, which is still offered at the college and focuses on the historical roots of contemporary eating disorders and distorted body image.

"We're thrilled to have James, a Pasadena City College alumnus, returning to campus," Dr. Schwyzer said. "Not only does he have a huge fan base among our students, he's emerged as a uniquely articulate spokesperson on a host of issues surrounding the adult industry. In addition to his obviously formidable erotic appeal, James has a persona and a worldview that really resonates with young people. My students are very much looking forward to hearing more about his career, and having a dialogue about the present and the future of the porn business."

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