Treasure Island Media, Timoteo Announce New Underwear Collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO  Treasure Island Media announced a new partnership with Timoteo Studios.

The new venture will develop and launch a private label line of jock straps and underwear, designed exclusively for the men of the TIMCult, later this year.

"We couldn't be more excited about this partnership," said Mitch Mason, director of marketing and cult engagement for T.I.M. "When we began looking for a designer to help us create this line, Timoteo was the first that came to mind. Their quality, fit and brand align perfectly with who we are and what our fans have come to expect. We can't wait to share what Timoteo is working on."

All of Timoteo's products are made from custom-cut patterns and high-quality materials, which are designed and produced locally in L.A.

Treasure Island Media's fans can expect the new line of jocks and underwear to be available at the companies website and in select retail stores, early this spring.

Retailers interested in carrying these products can contact New Barbary Coast Distribution at (415) 553-4073 or by email