Sensuva Debuts ON Libido Sex Drive Balancing Cream for Women

LOS ANGELES Sensuva has introduced ON Libido, a daily topical cream designed for women seeking a natural boost in libido, desire for sex and inner balance.

The company said ON Libido enhances libido through daily application to the skin and gives women noticeably pleasant results that enhance the sex life and support a more sublime sense of self.

“We are so excited to bring this to the adult market there are a lot of products out there that provide topical stimulation and increase sensation, but none addressed what we have heard so many women really want: increasing their desire," said Lisa Mazurek, Sensuva branding and marketing director.

ON Libido provides a gentle cumulative effect using a blend of botanicals and bio-active nutrients that, with each application, are naturally absorbed through the skin.

According to the company, this transdermal technology delivers key ingredients directly to the bloodstream where it integrates into the body’s natural sexual response system.

The ON Libido formula increases the user’s desire for sex and intimacy while encouraging a subtle hormonal balance that heightens her sensuality and awareness from the inside.

“ON Libido has created a new product category with a formulation that provides true results you can feel from the inside out rather than an instant quick fix booster that merely provides surface-level effects,” Mazurek said. “It is more common than we realize for women to experience a decline in desire and their sexual sense of self, which can be detrimental to self-esteem and confidence, and may also put undue stress on relationships (when a couples libidos don’t match). ON Libido helps women get their mojo back naturally and gently, leaving them feeling sexy, strong and confident.”

Sensuva offers ON Libido counter displays, testers and matching merchandising sales tools to all retailers and distributors, and Mazurek can provide product education and sales tips to Sensuva’s clientele.

For product details and information, please contact Mazurek at or call (425) 880-6006.

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