PHS Int’l Takes Lead in Vegan Leather Production w/ Animal-friendly Designs

PHOENIX — PHS International has gone vegan with its restraints, cuffs, collars and bondage accessories to offer animal-friendly leather alternatives for eco-conscious consumers.

Featuring affordable polyethylene and durable biothane rubber, PHS’s vegan products are the smart choice for retailers looking to appeal to BDSM enthusiasts and beginners who live an animal-friendly lifestyle.

The Fresh! Collection is the industry’s first fully vegan line featuring super-soft polyethylene restraints and BDSM accessories with comfortable padding, sturdy buckles and a matching line of body-safe sex toys free of casein and other animal-related materials.

PHS’s polyethylene leather alternative is affordable and easy to care for while providing shoppers with a variety of bright, fun and flirty color combinations to make an environmentally friendly fashion statement. And for BDSM devotees looking for a quality vegan alternative without missing the tough and secure sensation of leather, PHS has released its most popular restraints, collars, cock rings and more in biothane, an odorless vegan rubber reinforced at its core for optimal durability.

“We developed Fresh! and our biothane designs to cater to consumers who prefer to purchase products made without any animal products or materials but don’t want to skimp on quality,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “Polyethylene and biothane are two of the most durable and luxurious leather alternatives available so we used both to create vegan versions of our signature popular BDSM designs – and fans have thanked us ever since!”

The Fresh! line is available in a variety of feminine colors and features collars, paddles, cuffs, leashes, cock rings, blindfolds and more. Biothane is now available in the M2M line of accessories for gay men and Heart to Heart (H2H) couples-friendly collection, both in Smoldering Black, with a vivid bright purple and hot pink combination recently released for Fresh!.

All three must-have biothane collections feature designs including wrist and ankle cuffs, silicone ball gags, Velcro c-rings, and both 3-snap and 5-snap c-rings.

For ordering information, or to set up a meeting with a PHS representative, please email