‘Faploid’ Customized Adult Content Service Bows

Bob Johnson

CYBERSPACE — A new service for adult that lets users create their own customized adult digital magazines is now in beta mode.

“Faploid,” according to its developers, scans million pages of adult content by section, theme and the way they’re shared, and then links the content to the personal interests of their members. Then Faploid serves up a personal suited magazine with photos, videos and stories.

The company said the service focuses on both, men and women, people who spend quiet some time online, and having a strong interest in high quality adult content.

"No one is the same, everyone has their personal interests. When searching for adult content online, you will find a lot of providers. The ‘overkill’ of online porn is getting worse and it generally takes too much time to find content that fulfils your needs and interests. Also the chance that a virus, harmful or illegal content is downloaded is very high," CEO Tony Tillate said.

Faploid said it has the solution. By working together with professional content partners, the company guarantees high quality content and offers a safe and private environment for its users.

Content will be supplied “by a unique cooperation of a selected number of content partners” including adult brands, porn stars and other content creators who are active on social media, according to the developers.

"Faploid takes a lot of work off their shoulders. We bring the most relevant articles, responses and comments, as well as photos and videos, in real-time to a personal magazine. To be able do this, we use keywords and follow alerts that we pick up."

Tillate continued, “Faploid offers content partners various options such as branding pages and loads of room for user friendly advertisements. This all with the aim on the increase of traffic to their premium content and for partners to present their selves to a broad target group.”

Early bird registration has begun and those users will be the first to receive the magazine tool in the second quarter of 2013.