Blue-Chip Banker Battles Over

Rhett Pardon
NEW YORK — Blue-chip investment banker Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is fighting an online adult company over the use of the domain

The New York-based banking company earlier this month submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum arguing the domain name would cause confusion and contained links to objectionable adult material. The NAF mediates disputes over Internet domain names.

Goldman Sachs won’t comment beyond its NAF filing, but Rob Muller, who founded GoldmanSex and is its only employee, said that his URL is rightfully his because "People thought I was always lucky in my life," he says.

GoldmanSex provides a large global directory for adult entertainment — mostly strip clubs and escort agencies — targeted to business travelers. Muller, who resides in the Netherlands, says the site contains listings for 5,000 clubs and escort agencies in 300 of the largest business centers in the world.