Wasteland to Launch 'Fifty-One Shades of Submission' at AEVC

John Sanford

VANCOUVER, B.C./BOSTON — The world of adult entertainment is getting a colorful boost this week as BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle website Wasteland.com is expanding its virtual presence by injecting a hot topic and plot line in mainstream into a virtual world.

In this new virtual extension of Virtual.wasteland.com, users arrive at Christian’s heliport where they can choose between which character they wish to portray, Christian or Ana, and then proceed to experience the world as such. They can play out the BDSM fantasies in the “Red Room” or walk around the various lavish rooms of the penthouse to explore new areas for bdsm play. For those so inclined, there is even a grand piano that the user can use to add some romance to the experience.

Those new or curious about this lifestyle have the opportunity to set their own pace in exploring the BDSM experience at the level which feels safe and comfortable. The experience is made complete as music featured in the unnamed, but well-known book, plays in the background.

This past November the company launched Virtual.Wasteland.com, the largest 3D virtual space devoted strictly to the BDSM and fetish lifestyle where enthusiasts can explore bondage and erotic power exchange in a real-time environment with other people. Here they participate in fetish parties, BDSM film festivals, alternative sexuality workshops, lectures and a host of other activities. This was all done in partnership with RedLightCenter.com, the largest adult virtual world, with whom Wasteland has once again partnered with to create  the “Fifty-One Shades Of Submission” experience that allows fans of Christian and Ana to experience events from the infamous “Red Room” or Christian’s bedroom, or his penthouse suites for themselves in a totally inviting and tasteful manner, which Wasteland said is ideal for those new to “The Scene." 

Wasteland CEO and founder Colin Rowntree talked about how this all came about.

“This indeed was one of those lightning bolts over the altar moments of how this all came about," Rowntree said. "While waiting for a table to have pancakes at one of the January adult entertainment shows, Utherverse founder, Brian Shuster, and I (who have been friends and done business with since 1995) literally stumbled on this concept. Wasteland has a very large 'virtual world' inside of Redlightcenter, but it is an enormous Gothic Castle (complete with a massive fetish party area, private FemDom rooms, and a gift shop), but most of the BDSM play is pretty rough for newcomers to the BDSM scene. So, we noted that a massive amount of women are now exploring kinky play after reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and the idea evolved on the spot of creating a safe and sane environment for women to 'scratch that itch' that is now ignited in them (in a way that does not trample on 'Fifty Shades' trademarks!)

"The result is the “Fifty-One Shade of Submission Experience”. (Yes, it is much like a theme park ride) to allow our women and couples surfers to explore their kinky side in a safe and comfortable manner.”

Redlightcenter Chief Business Development Officer, Anna Lee, remarked, “The virtual world is a perfect place to play and be interactive in a completely safe environment. Those are key elements to those in the BDSM world so having a virtual world dedicated for this, with the support of Wasteland.com, made perfect sense to build on our platform.”

The “Fifty-One Shade Of Submission Experience” will debut inside the Virtual Wasteland Fetish Party which is being held during theAdult Entertainment Virtual Convention this Friday. In order to attend and experience it for yourself, download RedLightCenter.com virtual world here:

Download the Fifty First Shade of Submission App (PC) here.

More information about Virtual Wasteland is available here.