Magic Silk, Male Power Offer Sales Support

Ariana Rodriguez

HAUPPAGE, N.Y. — Magic Silk and Male Power now design and print customized flyers, booklets, post cards and posters in order to promote and strengthen sales at every level.

Company President Jeff Baker says he emphasizes a philosophy of total commitment to the customer.

“Be it retail stores or distributors, we always do our best to assist in every possible way,” Baker said. “Distributors benefit greatly from our customized supplements and flyers. Retail customers fully utilize box stuffers and postcards, to inform their customers about current best selling merchandise and new products that are being introduced.”

According to Baker, the materials can be used very successfully because they are professionally produced by the company’s creative graphics department. He points out that their head graphic artist is fully in synch with contemporary trends, often ahead of them, and produces cutting edge images, advertisements and packaging.

“The sale does not end with our customers,” Baker said. “They are our partners, and their customers are our ultimate concern. When our customers succeed, we succeed.”
According to the company, a dynamic new marketing piece featuring top selling collections is now in the works. It is being designed to generate sales at both the wholesale and retail levels (in-store and on-line). Baker says he encourages customers to offer their input and contribute to the creative process.

Other promotional materials and additional types of support are in the planning stages, the company said.

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