Industry Criticism Is Sharp on Twitter for Lawmaker Who Introduced AB 332

Rhett Pardon

COMPTON, Calif. — A state assemblyman's introduction of a bill that would make condoms mandatory statewide at porn shoots has created an industry firestorm over the issue on Twitter.

Assemblyman Isadore Hall from Compton, Calif., who is active on Twitter and goes by the handle @isadorehall, is facing sharp criticism for introducing AB 332 today at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's office.

The piece of legislation mirrors Measure B, which makes condoms mandatory for porn shoots in Los Angeles County.

Hall, a Democrat, announced the proposed law while he was joined at the podium by Michael Weinstein, president of the AHF, and Darren James, the HIV-positive former adult film actor.

On Twitter this afternoon, scores in the adult entertainment industry came out against the lawmaker who represents the 64th district, which serves Compton, where he was born and raised.

The working-class city of Compton, just south of downtown Los Angeles is notorious for its heavy concentration of gangs and gang violence, but it is far-removed from San Fernando Valley, sometimes referred to Porn Valley, where much of the nation's porn content is filmed.

Some of the tweets — statements and questions — from various industry performers and behind-the-scenes staff include:

"You'd think @isadorehall wld be more concerned about cleaning up his own district (Compton) than butting into other ppls business."

"ask if he's ever been to ONE adult set & how he is somehow qualified to speak on this issue!"

"I would like to know if he fully understands the health risks condoms produce in adult films."

"I would like Assembly member @isadorehall of Compton to reveal if he has received any campaign contributions from @AIDSHealthcare."

"Something tells me there was a large campaign contribution involved. Read his Wikipedia."

"apparently, he's speaking for his district which had such a public outcry of support for B."