Lara Roxx Speaks Out on Measure B, Calls for Ban on Video Distribution

Nelson Ayala

MONTREAL — Lara Roxx, the French-Canadian ex-porn star who contracted HIV in 2004 after performing in a condom-less sex scene with Darren James, is speaking out on Measure B and porn's mainstream appeal.

Roxx, the subject of the 2011 documentary "Inside Lara Roxx," spoke to last week to promote the film's screening as part of Concordia University's HIV/AIDS Lecture Series.

Asked for her thoughts on why porn performers so vehemently oppose Measure B, the law mandating condom use in the production of adult videos in L.A. County, Roxx said, "They were just afraid that they wouldn’t get work.

"They know that the production companies have the means to go film other places. The thing that the law should have imposed was no distribution with no condoms. Because now it’s just no shoots, so the people in the L.A. area don’t really have work anymore because they just come shoot in Montreal, Ukraine, Brazil... where it’s still legal to shoot with no condoms."

Roxx goes on to say that she blames porn producers for perpetuating the myth that the average person wants to see extreme sex acts performed bareback.

"They say 'everybody wants to see double-anal,'" she noted. "If they didn’t offer it, how many people would imagine having double-anal or even seeing it? If they didn’t offer it, people wouldn’t ask for it. It’s not like it’s the majority of people that want to see foursomes in your ass."

Roxx contracted HIV in 2004 after performing a condom-less double-anal sex scene with Darren James, a veteran performer believed to have caught the virus while shooting in Brazil. Roxx, who had only performed for Canadian porn sites and was looking forward to a big Porn Valley pay day, was one month into her Los Angeles visit when she was diagnosed HIV-positive.