Women's Erotica Website Sssh.com Donates to Archaeological Cause

Bob Johnson

BOSTON — Women’s erotica website Sssh.com announced that it will donate part of its monthly revenue to The Archaeological Conservancy — a national non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring and preserving the nation’s remaining archaeological sites.

The decision was the result of votes by the Sssh.com subscriber community for the month of January.

“Every day, prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in the United States are lost forever — along with the precious information they contain. Modern-day looters use backhoes and bulldozers to recover artifacts for the international market. Urban development and agricultural methods such as land leveling and topsoil mining destroy ancient sites. The Conservancy protects these sites by acquiring the land on which they rest, preserving them for posterity,” Sssh.com said.

Each organization is chosen based on a commitment to excellence, accomplishment of stated goals and ratio of funds distribution (direct application to the cause vs. administrative expense).

The website's administrators said the list of potential beneficiaries includes social, medical and environmental charities that get little attention but deserve more. Some are large associations known for touching lives in positive ways. Others are small but cutting-edge research foundations determined to cure debilitating diseases. Still others are cultural and community outreach programs devoted to enriching lives.

Sssh.com said its members will select each month’s beneficiary — giving women a voice in ensuring that dollars go where they will do the most good.

Organizations and foundations that would like to be included can email editor@sssh.com.