Give Lube Introduces Dual Branding

GLOUCESTER, U.K.  Give Lube introduces Dual Branding.

“Forget private label, go dual brand,” Give Lube's Nigel Powell said.

“I’ve said it so many times before. You wouldn’t buy a luxury car and then recommend putting budget supermarket oil in it. Give customers the quality that they deserve and added value by providing a high quality lube with the sex toys that you manufacture or sell. But don’t go with a self private label. Our own customer research revealed that it is perceived as a low cost add-on and is often discarded. Do you want any negative thoughts from your customer?”

He said the solution is to go dual branded.

"Make your customers feel valued by associating your own brand with a high quality, respected lube brand such as Give Lube," he said. “Despite only having been trading for 18 months, we have received international recognition for our quality products, our ethos and innovative approaches by being nominated in the XBIZ 2013 wards in the category International-based Pleasure Products Company of the Year. Sex toy and intimate medical device manufacturers are also recognizing the quality of our products and importance and benefits of being associated with a high quality lube brand and are choosing our products for innovative dual brand projects.

“And not only does it boost profitability, but by being a consumable, it helps with customer retention as customers come back to you for more."

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