Britney Amber Shoots ‘Barb Wire’ Parody

VENICE, Calif.  Britney Amber plays the lead in the parody of "Barb Wire," which starred Pamela Anderson.

Having seen the movie several times, Amber was familiar with the attitude and sensuality her mainstream counterpart had brought to the role.

“It’s based on the Dark Horse comic book series and takes place during the second American civil war,” she said. “Barb Wire is a mercenary and bounty hunter living in the last free city, Steel Harbor. The porn parody version is like a sequel of the original movie, it takes place two years into the future.”

"Barb Wire XXX" will be available in March.

“There are some fight scenes, people die and Barb saves the day,” she said.

Ambers stars in two scenes  one with Billy Glide and the other with Earl Slate.

Van Anderson directed the movie for DreamZone Entertainment. She is on the covers of "Breast Wishes" (Wicked) and "It's Ok! She's My Stepmother 3" (Devils Films). She just spent some time in Miami shooting for Bang Bros, doing scenes for Dorm Invasion, Chica de Porno, Big Tit Cream Pie and Blowjob Friday.

She has completed a three-day shoot for Penthouse that included a boy/girl scene and a three-girler shot by Francois Clousot for the upcoming "Blonde Power."

Fans will soon see her in an upcoming interview for producer Rob Fusari’s YouTube channel and she’ll also be appearing on the Swedish TV show 69 Things You Would Like to Know About Sex, which is hosted by Sam Safinia.

Her site is