Treasure Island Media Releases 'Overload'

SAN FRANCISCO — "Overload," the latest sex documentary from Treasure Island Media's London director Liam Cole, is now available exclusively at the studio's website on DVD and download-to-own.

Produced by Paul Morris, "Overload" chronicles 20 men in search of sexual overload.

"We've all been there, that point when you're no longer in control of your thoughts, when all that matters is the raw fucking you're experiencing," Cole said. "Documenting these 20 men in their pursuit of sexual 'Overload' by whomever, whenever was a fascinating experience. One that I am honored to share with you."

"Overload" features seven scenes and stars T.I.M. exclusive Christian, Peto Coast, Priam and the T.I.M. debut of Dean Monroe.

The title also stars Anton Dickson, Jake Ascott, Yuri, Jake Mitchell, Rob Tyler and several others.

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