, Red Apple Media Celebrate 15-Year Alliance

Bob Johnson

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — and Red Apple Media announced today a celebration of a 15 year strategic alliance that began in 1998.

BoysInc said Red Apple Media — experts in e-commerce — has provided it with a managed web hosting solution, shopping cart, technical support, billing, SSL, and PCI.

Red Apple’s assistance has allowed the website to experience a resurgence of popularity and growth that includes converting to a new shopping cart and also helping with inventory updates.

“This year ‘we’ will bring our pay per download online with a rev share with studios,”  Red Apple Media said. “We are very happy to have formed an alliance with We have custom built an affordable and reliable hosting platform with a secure ecommerce solution that will protect data and maintain a web presence."

BoysInc, which began as a niche site in 1998, said it wanted to especially thank Red Apple Media for all of its hard work and dedication in making it a successful e-commerce website.