Candida Royalle Releases 2nd Petra Joy Feature

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — Filmmaker Candida Royalle has released "Female Fantasies," the second Petra Joy feature to be distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Femme Productions.

Joy is award winning erotic filmmaker, photographer and writer who began her career in television as an independent producer of a wide variety of programs from travel shows to documentaries. She creates what she calls "artcore" porn from a female perspective.

Royalle said that the response was so enthusiastic for Joy’s first film distributed by Femme — ‘Feeling It...not Faking it! — she couldn’t wait to release the follow-up.

Shot with non-professional real-life lovers, the producers said “Female Fantasies” captures authentic chemistry and desire. Unlike traditional porn, explained Joy, “there is no list of positions to tick off, so the sensuality can develop slowly, based on the enjoyment and passion of the performers.”

“My films are based on erotic fantasies that women from all over the world have shared with me. I believe in a return to sensuality, and portray sex that is enriched by intimacy, creativity and humor,” Joy said.

The film’s scenes include performers being pleasured by several lovers at once, getting their "just-desserts" on the kitchen counter, secretly spying on some tasty eye-candy and a parody of a car-wash gone triple-X.  “Petra Joy lives up to her name, creating joyous, uninhibited erotica for women. This film breaks the mold and creates a vision of sexual pleasure for today," sex educator and industry veteran Annie Sprinkle said.

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