Product Placement Company Enters Adult, Mainstream Markets

LOS ANGELES  Insertion Product Placement, a new company specializing in adult and mainstream product placement in films, has entered the adult and mainstream markets.

The company said it helps to maximize exposure of products and brands with marketing and advertising.

"Studios who once needed financing for features and scenes can also profit from product placement — they will be paid to feature products and brands in their productions and create a win/win situation for everyone," the company said.

The company has agreements with Adam & Eve for features and distribution, as well as product placements in future scenes with directors Joshua and David Lord’s Rock Star Entertainment.

The company also struck a deal with female-to-female toy company InJoyUs.

One of its toys has already been included in a new scene shot for Harmony Films.

"We've got a great blend of mainstream and adult experience on the team here at Insertion,” said Casper Curtis, managing partner of Insertion Product Placement.

“More and more, we're seeing big Hollywood films relying on product tie-ins to get their movies made — it just makes sense to bring this philosophy to adult films. We've got top talent looking to work with us and great products both in and out of the industry looking to tap into an ever increasingly attractive demographic of consumer."

Insertion Product Placement, or IPP, said it is offering an opportunity for performers to get behind the camera and direct scenes for companies to use for promotional and marketing tools with the benefit of full financing as they will be creating original productions of scenes and compilations featuring partner products and starring top performers in the industry for even more marketability.

Studios and companies looking to get on board with IPP can contact Curtis at

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