Feelmore510 Presents Pin-Up Artwork From Bill Presing

OAKLAND, Calif.  Feelmore510 is presenting pin-up female artwork from artist Bill Presing.

Presing said that the history and love for cartoon pin-up females has not subsided and he demonstrates how vivid these images are in his Comic Book Love art show at Feelmore510.

Presing was trained at Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and it was here where he studied comic book illustration, but soon found himself working in the New York animation industry.

Presing contributed to web cartoons including The Gotham Girls and The Venture Brothers.

In his spare time he draws his co-created comic book "Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher," self publishes books and likes to post pin-up art on his blog BillPresing.com.

"My childhood flourished with fantasy and color as I was a huge comic book fan having collected tons of Archie Comics in which one cartoonist Dan DeCarlo created some of the good-girl art," Feelmore510's Nenna said. "I came across Bill one day doing a search for comic pin-ups that were more playful in color than some artwork of old and found the sculpted Banana Girl figurine which is also for purchase at Feelmore510.

As February is Feelmore510 anniversary month, two years, we wanted to have artwork that spoke to the heart of our business — serious, playful, beautiful and representative of diversity and Presings artwork organically fits."

For further information, contact Nenna@Feelmore510.com or (510) 891-0199.

Feelmore510 is located at 1703 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Calif. The New Parkway Theater is located at 474 24th St., Oakland, Calif. 94612.