XR Brands Unleashes ‘LoveBotz’ Collection of Sex Machines

Ariana Rodriguez

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has unleashed the LoveBotz collection of sex machines featuring a range of unique designs, from self-propelled insertion to mechanized penetration.

“Sex machines are an underappreciated and under-marketed segment and LoveBotz is the industry’s first and only organized sex machine product line with a cohesive look,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “Retailers familiar with these products are seeking a more refined and consumer-friendly packaged collection while new retailers are looking to introduce this fresh product category to their shoppers. LoveBotz was created to be adult stores’ one-stop shopping source.”

The Versa Fük is a heavy-duty free-standing sex machine that provides steady penetration at a variety of powerful speeds. This is the LoveBotz collection’s most powerful sex machine and allows users to position themselves according to their desired penetration level. The Versa Fük features a popular interchangeable modular dildo attachment that accommodates most compatible insertable dongs.

The Eclipse is a unique self-propelled sex machine that penetrates the user with a smooth gliding movement while in a comfortable seated position. The Eclipse is ideal for vaginal or anal penetration and for users that find traditional standing or bending positions to feel uncomfortable. The Eclipse features a popular interchangeable modular dildo attachment that accommodates most compatible insertable dongs.

Pandora’s Box is a discreet free-standing sex machine that provides steady penetration with its mechanics cleverly hidden inside what looks like a traditional toolbox. This machine features a spinning rotating dong with a flexible neck that adjusts according to the user’s needs. This sex machine can be propped up to the user’s desired height for versatile penetration with a compact design that makes Pandora’s Box one of the only easily portable sex machines on the market.

In Cognito is the vertical version of Pandora’s Box featuring a similar discreet toolbox design in a taller, slender shape that allows the user to enjoy it either lying horizontally or standing in a squatting position. This sex machine features a speed controller that doubles as a personal massager that provides simultaneous stimulation for an extrasensory experience.

“Sex machines were once reserved for specialty markets and kink-only retailers, but LoveBotz has broken the barrier with sleek designs and friendly packaging,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “Customer response has been phenomenal and LoveBotz has inspired many national retail chains to bring this category into their inventory for the very first time and make their debut sex machine orders with XR Brands.”

For sales information please email Alvstad at randy@xrbands.com.