Viv Thomas Set to Release 'Story of She' Part 2

PORTUGAL  Lexi Lowe, the star of the “Story of She” series, was in Las Vegas promoting part 2 of the all-girl title.

“I managed to see it before I jumped on the plane and it has come out way better than I expected and I had high expectations," she said.

"All the guys on the crew are saying that this is the best film Viv Thomas has put out in the last two years and I agree. The girls are incredible. I loved every minute of filming with such a beautiful cast and such a talented crew.”

Part 2 is the continuation of the life story of Lowe. Stuck in a controlling relationship, she yearns to be free. Lowe meets a local waitress, Iwia, and they quickly become more than friends.

Viv Thomas said: “Our new crew has really excelled this time. I am super proud of what they have achieved over the last year with 'Tides of Lust' and now 'Story of She 2.' Lexi Lowe, along with five other incredible models, has really brought her story to life.”

'Story of She 2' is launching on the Viv Thomas online store here and the members website here.