Jezebel Reports on Scope of Pleasure Product Design, XBIZ 360

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — A recent article on discusses the range of pleasure products, from high-end sophisticated designs to porn-star branded vibrators, available to consumers, as discussed at the XBIZ 360 Pleasure Products Conference.

“Please don't call them ‘adult novelties’ anymore. They're ‘pleasure products’ or ‘sex accessories,’ and as last week's XBiz Awards and accompanying conference in Los Angeles made clear, those products continue to grow more sophisticated, more diverse, and more accessible,” reporter Hugo Schwyzer says in the opening of his article, “The Newest Sex Toys Make Pleasure Serious Business.”

Schwyzer attended the XBIZ Pleasure Products Conference and the XBIZ Awards, taking note of the expansive range of products available to consumers.

“On the one hand, demand continues to grow for porn-star branded devices,” Schwyzer says. “The new James Deen Signature Collection from Doc Johnson, featuring an 8.9 inch silicone vibrating cock — molded to the exact dimensions of America's most celebrated male porn actor — brought home the Star Branded Pleasure Product of the Year.”

On the other hand, Schwyzer recognizes LELO and Jimmyjane as producers of “luxurious, assiduously tested, aesthetically innovative designs designed to please the eye almost as much as the body.”

With contrasting price points, Schwyzer credits Jimmyjane for bridging the gap between traditional sex toys and modern, design-centric pleasure products with its latest release, the hello touch.

“It's not entirely coincidental that the retail prices for the James Deen Silicone Vibrating Cock ($60 on Amazon) and the Hello Touch are essentially the same,” Schwyzer says. “Traditional sex toy makers like Doc Johnson are making ever more sophisticated products, branded with porn-star cachet, while luxury design-intensive companies like Jimmyjane are anxious to reach a market unable or unwilling to spend upwards of $150 for a single ‘sex accessory.’ If nothing else, it's a happy convergence for consumers.”