Sex Educators Propose Potential Education Program at Adult Stores

LOS ANGELES In the latest issue of the American Journal of Sexuality Education, an academic journal for professionals in sex education, Metis Black, president and Founder of Tantus Inc, wrote a letter to the editor which looks at the opportunities for sex education in retail adult stores.

She raised the possibility of educators creating a standardized certification program for stores which would potentially boost sales, encourage new traffic and bring a sense of community credibility.

Black said, “If a recognized sexual education organization were to offer a program that taught and certified a store as a community sex education outreach center, it would legitimize their community standing. The project is really a win/ win proposition, particularly for communities in which the presence of adult retailers is seen as potentially detrimental.”

 Black discussed this idea further with Bill Taverner, Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Sexuality Education last November. Taverner supported the idea.

“It’s no secret that many adults visit adult retail stores, and when they do, research suggests that these visits present opportunities for teachable moments where people can learn valuable and vital health information, including the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy,“ Taverner said. “It’s great to see Tantus taking the lead on recognizing the importance of sexuality education and the opportunities that exist within the industry.”

The letter appears in Volume 7, Issue 4 of the American Journal of Sexuality Education here and is free to access through the end of 2013.