Julie Simone Appears Live in NYC This Saturday

NEW YORK  Julie Simone will be a special guest Saturday, Jan. 12, on the Robin Byrd Show Live.

Simone will be interviewed and will be doing a performance with Vengeance Design's Lydia Lael.

Other guests appearing will include burlesque babe Nikki Le Villian, Nayda Ginsgberg, Foxy Vermouth from the NY School of Burlesque and cartoonist Topher Bousquet.

The show takes place at The Cutting Room, Chris Noth’s new Park Avenue Venue.

“I’m looking forward to appearing on Robin Byrd’s show — she's a legend in N.Y. and I like that it’s no holds barred,” Simone said. “Lydia and I first teamed up when she competed in Miss Rubber World where she took home 2nd place. We have great chemistry together, a love for rubber and a mutual respect that makes us a great team. The show is in front of a live audience and it will be interesting to see the crowd's reaction. Check out some of her fabulous latex designs at Etsy.com.”

The show starts at 10 p.m. and tickets and information for the event can be found at SpinCycleNYC.com.