Treasure Island Media Releases New Title

SAN FRANCISCO DRUNK ON CUM 6 - Treasure Island Media releases "Drunk on Cum 6 - Hard Training."

"Hard Training" is the latest oral sex training video from Treasure Island Media's founder Paul Morris.

"At T.I.M., we've all but set up a school for advanced cocksucking," Morris said. "Guys come to us all the time asking for experiences that will hone their skills and give them the edge that'll make men line up to shove their dicks down these well-trained, ravenous gullets."

The release features T.I.M. exclusives Brad McGuire, Jack Allen, and John Dahl, along with other performers.

"There are stages in the life of a true cocksucker," T.I.M. exclusive Jack Allen said. "When you're a junior cocksucker, you learn about teeth, breathing, and how to use your tongue. When you get more advanced, it's time to get serious about that gag reflex, opening your throat and being happy and willing to suck and swallow whatever's put in front of your face. No matter what stage you're at, there's always time for some good old basic training."

The video is now available exclusively at the studio's website in DVD and download-to-own formats here.