LabelSex Launches Flagship Site, Taps Yuval Kijel as CEO

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — LabelSex announced today the launch of its flagship dating, and that it has tapped former PussyCash executive Yuval Kijel as CEO.

The company said the new offering is aiming to bring the dating industry to its next level with new and exciting additions to the regular dating site model. Following a long development period, LabelSex includes an enhanced dating platform that features global profiles, an advanced search algorithm and a full virtual world where members can interact through custom avatars using them as relationship icebreakers.

LabelSex explained that the virtual world features major cities around the globe with shops, bars and clubs so members can hang out in popular places. It allows members to buy virtual items as avatar clothing and accessories and virtual gifts to each other like.

The site also features a real eCommerce store where members can buy and ship each other gifts worldwide from a wide variety of categories and prices.

Kijel, who resigned from the PussyCash cams and dating affiliate program after leading it for six years, will lead the new platform as well its other casual dating site He commented, "I'm proud to lead this site and be part be part of this group who has showed remarkable success in various industry platforms. We put a lot of time and energy and original thinking into making LabelSex the next level of dating. This industry didn't change much over the past years and we believe the additions we make will bring it to a new place. We saw a great feedback from beta-testers and we're convinced it will not be long before the site stands in the front line of dating sites in the industry."

Industry veteran Gian Carlo Scalisi, a partner in the new dating site, heads up the sales team along with Carmen Lumina.

"We are very excited to launch this site. We will present it in the upcoming shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and we're sure the new concept will rock the dating industry and bring it to new heights," Scalisi said.

Lumina added, "The site is so advanced with new features that it's amazing for members. Affiliates will enjoy a cutting edge affiliate program with a wide verity of promo tools and advanced stats."

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