Homegrown Acquires Shane's World Websites

Chad Mayer

SAN DIEGO — Homegrown Video announced today that it has acquired Shane's World's website network, including ShanesWorld.com and CollegeInvasion.com.

"They set the standard by which others are judged and have created an indelible brand," Homegrown Video co-owner Farrell Timlake said.

"We are so honored to work with Shane's World and genuinely impressed by how well their sites convert."

Shane's World says, in a press release issued by the two studios, that it chose to align with Homegrown Video because of its pioneer status in the amateur porn market and its "analytically driven approach to marketing."

"Homegrown has unbelievable customer service and knows how to engage and retain members, and our fans are incredibly loyal so this turned out to be an ideal fit for us," Shane's World President Megan Stokes said.