Legend Toys Responds to Fleshlight Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES  Legend Toys has issued a response to the recent press release by the makers of the Fleshlight.

Legend Toys said it seeks to elucidate the allegations Fleshlight has raised, as it was not afforded such opportunity in Fleshlight’s press release, which erroneously stated that officials from Legend Toys were unavailable for comment.

In its suit, Fleshlight claims that Legend Toys has been in breach of U.S. Patent No. 5,807,360 for the Fleshlight device, which is held by Fleshlight’s parent company, Interactive Life Forms (ILF).

Legend Toys has no intention of infringing upon any one’s intellectual property, as it has its own patents and intellectual property to protect. Whilst La Viva has been marketing its first generation La Viva Lovelight since 2009, it has only been sold within Australia; furthermore, Fleshlight’s assertion that the La Viva Lovelight is sold on the Legend Toys owned site CherryErotic.com.au is utterly incorrect, the company said.

According to Legend Toys, when Keith Weng, the inventor of the La Viva Lovelight, first began developing a second generation of the personal masturbation device, he initiated contact with the owner of the Fleshlight, Steve Shubin, back in November 2011, the intention of which was to ensure that Shubin’s intellectual property was not infringed upon in any way. To this end, Weng engaged in email conversations with Shubin as well as ILF general counsel Matthew Esber.

The subject line of those emails read: “Draft for Lovelight,” meaning that all parties were aware of the La Viva Lovelight trademark, which was registered in the U.S. in October 2011, and applied for on March 6 of that year. It has also been successfully trademarked in Australia, E.U and China. Legend Toys’ Director of Marketing, Martin Logan, queried “Why a complaint wasn’t raised during those initial stages of contact. We also tried to arrange a meeting with Shubin and Fleshlight at the upcoming AVN show in Los Angeles, to formulate a business plan that would be of mutual benefit for both parties. Instead they’ve filed a lawsuit.”

ILF general counsel Esber said that Fleshlight “thinks competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original property, not steal ours.”

Legend Toys saw a need in the marketplace for second generation masturbators for two main reasons: 1. Not all penises are of the same dimensions, including both girth and length. 2. The main concern with all masturbators is the friction created when in use.

The La Viva Lovelight accommodates those concerns, as it is the only masturbator in the world that self-lubricates as well as allows the user to self-pressurize the device’s shaft, making it exceedingly more unique and pleasurable.

The second generation of La Viva Lovelight will be launched at the AVN show in Los Angeles on January 16, taking the personal masturbator to a new level of experience. The La Viva Lovelight has been patented in China and has patents pending in the U.S. and E.U.

Legend Toys strongly requests ILF dismiss its claims, and reserve the right to claim any damages due to false accusations.