Sheri's Ranch Brothel Launches Sheri's Playland

LAS VEGAS  The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located outside of Las Vegas, announces the launch of Sheri’s Playland.

The brothel said Sheri's Playland is a new wing of six bungalows designed to fulfill the most common sexual fantasies requested by the brothel’s clientele.

Sheri’s Playland allows clients to be the star of their own sexual fantasy, playing out their desires with one or more of Sheri’s ladies in a fully-constructed bungalow, dressed like a movie set that convincingly mirrors the real-world setting of the fantasy.

According to the company, Sheri’s Playland was created to provide a variety of highly detailed and immersive erotic scenarios.

For more information about Sheri’s Ranch and Sheri’s Playland click here.