Tanya Tate Showcased in Naughty America's 'Tanya Tate 2'

LOS ANGELES Naughty America releases a tribute DVD to MILF performer Tanya Tate in "Tanya Tate 2."

Tate has been featured in several of the company's productions and has brought together a selection of her videos for a compilation.

Available now, "Tanya Tate 2" is nearly three hours and showcases Tate in five of her naughtiest, most hardcore scenes.

"I am thrilled that Naughty America has released 'Tanya Tate 2,'" Tate said. "The first volume, 'Tanya Tate,' is a best seller. My fans, fans of British pornstars or of MILFs love it because it is spot on with what they want in an erotic video. Now, they have another DVD that is dedicated to them, five of my best scenes on one disc. It is just a lot of Tanya."

"Tanya Tate 2" and the previously released "Tanya Tate" are available now from adult retailers. Signed copies are also available on TanyaTateStore.com. For more, visit TanyaTate.com.