Liberator Hosts Free Workshops at Atlanta Store

ATLANTA — Liberator Erotic Workshops return this February in time for Valentine's Day.

"We’re proud to announce two of our favorite subjects are back for the limited run," the company said. "To kick off the month, Jay stops by to give us the ins and outs of spanking. Yes, there is more to it then hauling back and going for it. On Feb. 9, Jaime brings her brand of erotic massage in a rehash of last year’s most attended workshop. So if you want to learn a little slap and tickle or sensual rubbing, stop by the Liberator Concept Store in Atlanta on either Feb. 2 or 9 for a lesson. And as always, the Liberator Erotic Workshop series is free to attend."

Spanking 101 takes place Feb. 2. The company said attendees will learn proper techniques, positioning, safety precautions and more while mastering the art and tools of spanking.

"Whether you want to know a few sensual tips to break in to a new world or how to get the full bang for your buck, Spanking 101 covers everything you need," the company said.

Erotic Massage is taking place on Feb. 9. Massage therapist Jaime Chandra will show attendees how to derive more erotic pleasure from the act with both biomechanical and hands-on approaches.

Liberator Concept Store is located at 2745 Bankers Industrial Dr.. Atlanta, Ga. 30360.