Pure Play, Private Gold Release Breast Themed Feature

Chad Mayer

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media has released "Tits Ahoy," a new breast-themed, high-seas adventure from European start-up Magik View Entertainment and Private Gold.

"'Tits Ahoy' gives viewers a chance to go on a sexy, debauchery-filled cruise ship with some of Europe’s hottest leading ladies," Pure Play Media sales manager Ms. Sonia said.

"With all the shots of the Adriatic Sea, along with the beautiful women that Private is renowned for, we expect 'Tits Ahoy' to be another strong selling feature title for us."

"Tits Ahoy" is directed by Lako and features performances by Kristy Lust, Cindy Dollar, Laura Crystal, Rihanna Samuel, Stracy Stone and Kevin Dean.

The feature follows the sexual hijinks happening on board a cruise ship between its staff and guests. Said Ms. Sonia, "Private Media has created another epic, high-end ocean-faring adventure for fans of sex on the high seas."