Fun Factory Surveys Customers, Finds Preference for Pulsator

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Fun Factory says it conducted a survey among its customers and found that 87 percent of them prefer a pulsator over a vibrator.

A pulsator is a new kind of sex toy that does not use vibrations but instead converts magnetic energy into thrusting motions. To view Fun Factory's promo video for the Pulsator, click here.

“German engineers at Fun Factory, who have manufactured sex toys with medical grade silicone since 1996, believe that this new invention is the dawn of the next era in the world of pleasure toys,” the company said. “The first pulsator ever is called the Stronic Eins and it was launched in Europe in September of 2012. It is coming to the Americas in January of 2013.

“There are over 100,000 vibrators on the global market today. One hundred percent of these vibrators use the same basic motor, also found in kid’s small toys such as toy cars, and 99.9 percent of them are manufactured in China,” the company says. “For the last 70 years, women shopping for a portable pleasure device have had two choices: a vibrating item or a dildo. No new technology has been patented in the field since the 1940’s and there have been no recognized inventions, in the scientific sense of the word. Today women enjoy a third option, a patented technology invented by the Germans called Pulsators.”

According to the company, when activated and placed over a sheet of paper on a table, a pulsator will make its way across the table, and could even trek across a hard wood floor all by itself.

The Pulsator’s technology endows the toy with the ability to mimic the thrusts of sexual penetration. Pulsators are the same size as regular vibrators, and are completely silent.

“A woman who tested the Stronic and was surveyed in the U.S., claims that ‘the thrusts of Stronic One are powerful and naturalistic, leading to more intense orgasms than even the strongest vibrators I ever used. And it’s completely quiet,’” the company said.

Dirk Bauer, founder and managing director of Fun Factory Gmbh in Germany, said, “After 18 months spent on developing this product, we are ready to bring to the market a sensational new kind of toy, a Pulsator, which simulates the natural movements of lovemaking.”

Frederic Walme, CEO of Fun Factory USA enthusiastically adds, “The Stronic One and its pulsating technology is revolutionizing the market and marks the start of a new trend in the sex toy industry. Fun Factory made the first silicone vibrator in the world in 1996. Now it has invented pulsators.”

Stronic One thrusts using 10 different rhythms, all accessible with the back-lit buttons. Its red “Fun” button turns the toy on and off, acts as a kill switch and offers the possibility of locking the controls completely for discreet transport. The programs offer rhythms ranging from a long, slow and penetrating thrust to a rapid back and forth motion. The toy retails $199.99.