Triple-Action Topical Gel, XL3-S, Being Hailed as New Standard in Treatment of Erectile Problems

PORTLAND — XL3-S, an all-natural erectile enhancement gel, has received praise both as a medical treatment of erectile disorders as well as for use in enhancing erections within the adult film industry.

Patrick Slate, Ph.D. and director at XL3-S, highlights that while lab tests and research are important, it is the success of its users that truly reflect XL3-S as the most effective erectile gel available.

He stated, "Years of intense research have created XL3-S, but it's the testimonials of thousands of men that show how revolutionary this gel is."

One testimonial comes from adult film star Pat L. from New Jersey, who said, “Since I began using XL3-S, everything works again! I can satisfy several women in one day and have sex and ejaculate several times with each partner! My ejaculations are dense and massive every time.”

XL3-S’ patented triple-action formula is comprised of six all natural ingredients that serve three main purposes. First, they make the erection thicker, harder and longer. Average erection size increases by 50-65 percent and full erection is achieved within 30 seconds of application.

Second, the erection is stimulated and maintained for hours, even after the first orgasm. Finally, XL3-S acts as a pleasure enhancing lubricant that increases pleasure for all partners and allows for penetration anywhere.

Because XL3-S’ proprietary blend is made up of all natural, safe ingredients, there are no side effects; it is safe for ingestion and there are no limitations on who can use the gel.