2much Nominated for Software Company at XBIZ Awards

MONTREAL Live video chat site provider 2much.net has been nominated for Software Company of the Year by the XBIZ Awards.

The company has been nominated every year since the introduction of the category in 2008, and won for 2010.

"The first year we were nominated, I was kind of indifferent about it," founder and President Mark Prince said. "I saw us a small company, and it was always big companies that got the award."

As 2much.net was nominated again each year, Prince admits to growing anticipation. "If they keep nominating us, there must be a chance. Then two years ago we actually won, and I was so excited - stunned - I nearly got lost getting to the stage."

This year's nomination is all the more exciting to the software maker because his company has been low-key over the last year, with a focus on development and an upcoming version upgrade to LiveCamNetwork 5.0.

According to Prince, he and his 2much crew have been working "behind the scenes, establishing high-value clients, seeking and creating new partnerships with those who offer products and services that both compliment our own and help our customers at the same time. I'm talking about solo model site owners, traffic providers, site designers, affiliates, chat studios, billing processors and so on. 

"The awards show will be a welcome break from the grind, a relaxed, working vacation where we get to re-meet so many people we miss or see only online. Winning the award will be a highlight in the upcoming reality show we're being featured in."

2much.net is creator of LiveCamNetwork.

More info can be found here.