Planet Earth Adds Gun Oil Hybrid to Catalog

Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON — Planet Earth has added the latest Gun Oil product to its catalog, Gun Oil Loaded Hybrid Lubricant, taking Planet Earth’s complete selection of the Gun Oil range to eight products.

Available in three sizes —2oz, 4oz and 8oz — Gun Oil Loaded Hybrid Lubricant is the second product in the Gun Oil range to be made with a hybrid water and silicone formulation giving consumers a non-staining formula that retains its viscosity for long periods of time.

“The main difference of Gun Oil Loaded Hybrid Lubricant compared to the previously released hybrid lubricant Gun Oil Force Recon is that the texture has been altered so that it is creamier, giving the user a new and improved sensation — especially good for toy play,” the company said.

Gun Oil Loaded Hybrid Lubricant has also been colored so that it is off-white, mimicking the look of sexual fluids for added realism.

“Gun Oil has been a huge brand in the UK since its launch and is particularly successful with gay men who identify with its strong branding and image,” Planet Earth Operations Director Sam Godfrey said. “Gun Oil Loaded Hybrid Lubricant is an extension of the brand and will attract a large audience with its long lasting viscosity and non-staining formula.”

For more information on Planet Earth’s products contact Planet Earth at +44 (0)1924 333 320 or email