MyStim Silicone Range Available Soon at Planet Earth

Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON — Planet Earth will soon introduce a new range of silicone conductive sex toys from MyStim.

“Using a special blend of silicone infused with metal, the MyStim silicone range gives users the opportunity to experience electro stimulation using a material they are more comfortable and familiar with — further increasing the attraction for people who have not yet tried electro-stimulation products,” the company said.

Each MyStim silicone product has been designed with versatility in mind, the company says, featuring unique Flex & Stay technology in each of the new toys, which enables the main shaft of each product to be bent and contorted into various shapes and keep their form during play.

“It’s a great addition to our existing electro stimulation range. It brings a new level of enjoyment to electrosex users and prostate massage users,” Planet Earth Operations Director Sam Godfrey said. “The MyStim silicone range is exceptionally versatile and would fit well into any male toy collection.”

In total, four new products have been added to the catalog: Curving Curt, Flexing Flavio, Twisting Tom and the Big Bend-It.

For more information on Planet Earth’s award-winning product selection contact Planet Earth at +44 (0)1924 333 320 or email